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Love Care Share

Short Poem by Robert Hedrick

Now then, if I would have willingly shared my share with a friend,
My share would've been greater no matter what my share had been.
Sharing is an act of caring and with these, soon love begins to grow,
With enough love, caring and sharing will have a stronger flow

Could there be love without caring, I say it is an impossibility,
Then where there's love and caring, sharing fits in most naturally.
With the right amount of these two, love no doubt is sure to grow,
However, in leaving these out, love fades as we wonder where did it go.

We will find no greater caring and sharing than from our Lord above,
As we receive these in abundance daily through His pure acts of love.
Caring enough never to leave or forsake us, He is there all the time,
Then daily, sharing bountiful blessings, some are yours and some mine.

God wants us to care and share, with love for all people in our heart,
However, most will need some major soul cleaning before they start.
With righteous caring and sharing, love would soon turn the world around,
Then whenever God calls, there would be a lot more people heaven bound.